Your baby will discover his toy step by step!

Your holidays will remain as palpable memories!

IMPRENTA shapes your idea!

At your wedding, it is you and your soul mate on the bride's cake!

IMPRENTA știe ce gândești!


In the IMPRENTA Workshop, you will find new dimensions that go beyond the limits of conventional technology. With the help of 3D printers, we can create absolutely any shape you want. Models and shapes from nature, everything around you, natural or handmade, we can create, in a unique and personalized way, as you wish. 


Here you find complexity and freedom in design: complex geometries can be created, which can’t be produced by conventional production methods, ensuring great freedom in design. The idea, drawing, sketch or object that you come to IMPRENTA is introduced in a simulator software and you will see exactly how the product will look.


In the IMPRENTA Workshop, we want the impossible from the inexhaustible imagination of the little ones and the big ones to become possible. Each item made in the IMPRENTA workshop can be customized as you wish. 


3D design or modeling is the key to creating 3D objects!

3D Print

3D printing is a process of transforming a 2D image into a 3D object, under computer control.

3D Scan

Using a simple, efficient and portable 3D volume and texture scanner, we get, after the scanning process, high accuracy and resolution (1920×1080 px).